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It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to 1575 Barrington, our home for the last twenty-eight years. During this time, we've celebrated weddings and graduations, video shoots, birthday parties, parades, fireworks, and concerts on the roof. We've also enjoyed sharing it with some pretty incredible people from all over the world - France, Germany, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Egypt, Senegal, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, the United States, and Canada. And we've had the pleasure of experiencing new cultures, exquisite cuisine, and the world's best music. Not to mention the immeasurable joy and happiness that these amazing roommates and our many colourful guests have brought to our humble home. Above all, 1575 has celebrated friendship. 

If, while reading this, a particular memory or event comes to mind that you'd like to share, please don't hesitate to add your thoughts, pictures, or perhaps best of all, a piece of music that brings you back to an afternoon well spent over a cup of tea in the kitchen or an evening armed with just the right ammunition on the roof. We'll create a virtual scrapbook of stories and pictures that will provide a lasting tribute to this very special place.


Thanks to all for your love and friendship - ‘til then!

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